Cross This Wide Country

by Several Girls Galore

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Cross This Wide Country, the sixth Several Girls Galore album, has been in the works for a long time. I began recording some of these songs two summers ago, when I was putting together the album that became Turn Into Light. A few songs didn't quite fit, so I put them on the back burner. They remained on the back burner during the recording of my two EPs, Fumble For Your Hands and The Noise We Make, until I finally had the time to put together a full album again.

Cross This Wide Country is the longest Several Girls Galore release since my 2007 debut, "...And When He Turned Around His Shadow Was Gone." It's more thematically varied than my last few albums, and has become, for me, a series of snapshots of the various places I've spent time over the past couple years of my life: New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Colorado, Kansas, New Orleans, Ohio, Arkansas, and many, many highways in between.

September 2011


"As the title suggests, this is a true road trip album from Several Girls Galore. These are terrific rock songs that have a strong sense of hope and redemption. Will Vunderink is a fine songwriter, penning complex lyrics that never sound laboured. His laid-back vocal combines beautifully with the relentless guitar rock throughout this album. At times the sound relies a little to heavily on the quiet-loud-quiet dynamic, though when the music is this good it hardly matters. Put the top down and let the good times roll."
- Popstache review of Cross This Wide Country


released September 12, 2011

Will Vunderink: vocals, electric guitars (Fender Jazzmaster, Fender Stratocaster, Epiphone Dot), acoustic guitars (Taylor Big Baby, Yamaha C40), bass, drums, Roland SH-101, shaker, tambourine, hand claps.
Graham Vunderink: drums on "Electric & Alive."

Recorded summer '09, winter '09-'10, and summer '11 in Hastings on Hudson, NY.

All songs BMI.

Cover photo by Anna Archibald.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Electric & Alive
At the end of life
You're gonna howl at the moon
From a hideous height
Where our air is renewed
Always so unlike
Everything I knew
Loved the smell of midnight
And never up before noon

Lately I've been thinking
And thinking makes me wanna say
Your neon face is getting brighter
And it was only lit today

I'll wait outside
Electric and alive
Until you realize
That I'm perfectly aligned

Slow me down
Slow me down
Make some sound
Make some sound.
Track Name: Cross This Wide Country
You know I love the west, but it's different when what's in your chest belongs somewhere else
So a Pennsylvania highway at six a.m. is better than your mountains when you've had enough of them for a while
There were times before the others woke when I could've heard the words god spoke, but he'll never speak to me
And the sunrise melting through the fog after doing 80 all night long is an even better feeling

There's a future
There's a future

There's a future somewhere inside of me, and it's dying to get out and see what this life is all about
There's a hole that is the whole of this heart that wants to love and never part with whatever strikes its fancy

There's a future
There's a future
Track Name: Begging At The Back Stairs
Summer strikes and there's that thickness in the air
Slice it with a knife and let it bleed and would you care?
There's a world of green on fire and it's so serene
In a thinner place I'm gasping for air, stumbling

If we've met before I'm sorry I don't know your name
It's been a year or more of faces that all look the same
Now I'm home and I've forgotten all those words I learned
It's so easy once you've used up everything you earned

And here's my little place now
And they're gonna show me how
Show me how it is

And they're gonna show us all when
Oh it's four years out the door, then
And we're begging at the back stairs
Humbly walking off in pairs.
Track Name: Perfect Little Pearls
The college boys and girls don't know shit about their world unless it's soaked in booze
So I wrote down all I knew for the able curious few, lined in perfect little pearls

The days we've passed collapse
We're not ever coming back

The kids all play and scream, driving daddy's SUV, private school stickers on the back
I thought I got away, but that's harder every day and I'm tired of the tired scene

The days we've passed collapse
We're not ever coming back

Another day is another waste
And I'll never wrap my head around this place
I have to wait, but I've been patient enough for four years
All I ask is to get on with my life, but not here.
Track Name: So Wrong
We're still waiting, we're still lost
Living slowly, living soft
But we don't need your lying god
To make things worse when everything he
Says is
So wrong
So wrong
So wrong
If only we could live our lives
Without that fiction telling you why

The benighted majority has the authority, and I'm scared to death

When you self-righteously assume
There's no alternative to your views
And an impossibility becomes the only thing you see
I wanna scream

So wrong.
Track Name: October Days
I was so presumptuous, back in those October days
I was there in anything you'd say
You were so flattering, in your off-hand way
But you wouldn't, couldn't stay

Those were such high hopes for me, like nobody I'd ever seen

We were so glorious when I sped your car through the trees
And the cops let us off so easy
We were so glorious when we opened that bottle of wine
And you told me you were not mine

What are we now?
What are we now?

What are we now? (I was so presumptuous)
What are we now? (You were so flattering)
What are we now? (We were so glorious)
What are we now? (We were so glorious).
Track Name: Feels Like Years
She likes it when I've thought about the end of what I'm trying to say
But like an honest man without the faintest plan, I'll fuck it up some way
It's been months to go on just a shred of hope that we still seem the same
I sputter and I choke, I can't forget that coat
Oh, to have just
One more time, and we'd be fine
To see the crime that makes it right

Feels like years

Now I'm so far out, in a senseless town, and I can't help but doubt
So I sit and dream about your rain back east, surprised I want it now

And I think about the things that we pretend we can be
What we pretend we really need
What we pretend we really mean, oh
What we pretend we really mean
We really mean
What we pretend we really mean.
Track Name: At Lake Michigan
I'm bleeding money out the ears
And the buzz won't go away
My body's older than its years
And I've got nothing left to say

All the turquoise in the lake
Mocks the seas that it will never be
As I rest my tired brain
That won't connect with what's around its head

The heart, it beats too much
When it's not in the right place
Forgotten melodies and such
God, I'm tired of being awake
The heart, it beats too much
When it's not in the right place
Forgotten melodies and such
My god, I'm tired of being awake.
Track Name: A Lifetime
I waited a quarter of my life
Until everything was just right
Now in a year I've loved a lifetime
And you know that suits me just fine, just fine


Now it gives and it takes and it's perfect
And it can always make me nervous
You know I wouldn't want it any other way
And I hope you feel this someday, someday, someday

Track Name: Means & Ends
When our time arrives
Know that I will be here
Falling from the sky
Oh I know it's so near

When the time is right
And we're done remembering
We'll just dream all night
No matter what the days bring.
Track Name: For A While
Isn't that the purpose of the day? Float around for a while and slip away.
Isn't that the meaning of the night? We're useless, and we see without sight.
Isn't that the beauty of life? We're just here for a while and then we die.
Isn't that the beauty of life? We're just here for a while and then we die.